Around the corner…

Once again a prefab house that would not go around the corner on its trailer. In the midth of a village the truck/trailer combinations were supposed to go around a sharp corner itno a tight road. The small mobile crane did make it, as it was equipped with allwheel-steering. For the trucks it would have been impossible!

As the drivers have already done jobs like this together with us, so everything went smooth and quickly. Power unit and compressor onto the trailer for brake air supply, 24 Volt Nato cable for the hydraulic pump of the trailer steering and power supply for the radio control of the rear axles of the trailer – and the convoy started. As a school bus passes through the small main road, the traffic was supposed to be stopped for only the shortest time!

Backing up into the middle of the road and than the crawler pulls up to the rear corner. Now one of the most important capabilities of the crawler was applied! Turning on the spot (expertly expressed: “turning around the vertical axis”) so the given space was used most efficiently. The crawler moves along the building’s wall. At the same time the front wall of the trailer must be monitored, to not damage any drainspout or else. Simultaniously the trailer axles are steered to pass the other corner as tight as possible. On the way back from the building site the same procedure has to be carried out the other way around.

The use of the CT25 crawler with its fully cardanic fifth wheel once again rendered possible the erection of a prefab house in a location that otherwise would not have been reachable!

At this position the crawler was exchanged against the trucks again