Putting out fire!

Concept for crawler fire engines and support vehicles

ATG has started a collaboration with a variety of firefighter specialists in three different areas.

Fire crawlers

ATG Across The Ground Wipfelfeuer 2019 Prinoth Panther Feuer löschen


We have struck up an agreement with company Prinoth, a wellknown manufacturer of snow groomers and tracked dumpers. The production range of the crawlers, under the name of Panther, has some progressive technical features, that have made the decision easy. In the coming future we will develop and build bodywork for fire fighting as well as flood rescue that will be fixed on the Panthers. Here we are talking about a payload (for example water) of up to 16 tons. The wide tracks make a low ground pressure and the vehicles are very capable going cross country. They will be offered as rental machines as well as newbuilt to customer specifications.



We have started a cooperation with company Ommelift of Langenhagen for the sale of the radiocontrolled transport crawler Multi Loader, with a payload of 2.5 tons. The special feature on this vehicle is the bidirectional self-levelling platform!

For this impressive machine we have developed some interesting structures that will find attention in the fire fighting community. It is an economic solution for dangerous or ammunition contaminated areas. With a hose reel system higher operating range is possible.

8×8 trucks with high cross country ability with 10,000 Liter tank

In collaboration with a wildfire specialist we have developed a concept where we keep in stock some special trucks that may be rented out on short notice. They are derived from the military. Trucks with tanks of up to 10,000 litres or hooklift systems, with German license and equipped to fire brigade standards. These are to rent and we have a modular system of allocation and supply of experienced drivers.

Provision, allocation, rent, buy

In case you are interested in these vehicles or the rental concept we kindly ask you to get in contact with us. As there is a wide variety of options personal advice is important. We are happy to work out a profile of requirements and a custom made solution with you.

We are looking forward to our discussion.

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